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Hose adapter 8 to 6 mm

Item number: 124

Category: Zubehör Chromspiegel

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Hose adapter 8 to 6 mm

Chrome mirror / mirroring technology CLC For almost all surfaces

The silver mirror technology is the mirroring of various objects by a chemical spraying process. This process gives BaLauteile almost any material a surface finish with a metallic sheen (chrome look).

With the modern and future-oriented Chromcolor CLC technology, almost all materials can be mirrored. For example:

  • plastic
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • etc.

Chrome plating of rims, car mirrors or the like is particularly popular because the look and feel here achieve and impress a unique effect.

The mirroring techniqueallows an exceptional design at comparatively low prices.

Mirroring and chrome plating in many colors

Different colors are possible with CLC preservative varnishes. These allow mirroring in the following variants:

  • green
  • gold
  • light gold
  • copper
  • orange
  • red
  • Brass
  • Light Blue
  • blue
  • black
  • two different chrome looks
Chrome-plated plastic

The chrome paint makes it possible to chrome-plate plastic. In contrast to conventional methods of chrome plating, this is usually cheaper and more environmentally friendly. With our new mirroring technology, you can even do this at home: chrome plating yourselfchrome plating itself is possible.

Mirroring technology prices

The CLC Light Low Pressure mirroring unit is a good start. This is available from ? 1,650.00 plus VAT and contains a low pressure gun, 4 pressure vessels and a set of concentrates. A complete unit with trolleys, spray guns, etc. starts from ? 5,999.00 plus VAT and leaves nothing to be desired.

If you only have individual parts to mirror, it makes more economic sense to outsource them to a service provider.

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