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WTD automatic diving machine for industrial production

Item number: 001-1

Category: Industrieanlagen

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The WTD system is made of high quality VA steel and has the following basic equipment

Power connection 16 amper, manual, heating element 12 KW controlled via the control cabinet at the pool via a thermostat, water pump for cleaning the working water by a 3-stage circulation pump, filter for cleaning the water and for protecting the circulation pump against contamination, cleaning compartment for the film residues and other Dirt quick filter change, control cabinet with temperature display and timer, freely adjustable rakes for the work surface, drain cocks for the water, float for filling the system and the water level.

This machine is designed for industrial manufacturing where there are large quantitiesgoes.

Our pools are custom-made and delivery times always have to be requested separately.

Shipping costs with the shipping company are calculated and calculated separately. Please request this before ordering.

FULL AUTO TYPE - for water pressure printing Technical values:
Flow film head 1
Size: L1200 * W800 * H1200mm.
Material: steel plate 12mm, 80 * 80mm square steel tube holder, full process stove enamel.
Stainless roller: 5 pieces
Electric Power: 220V AC
1HP transducer 1pcs
Lift cylinder 2 pieces b.Flow
Film tub size: L8000 * W900 * H800mm.
2, Material: 2.0mm 304 # stainless curve.
3.4set of 304 # stainless steel chain, 22meters
4, gear reduction motor: 0.5Motor: 0.5HP 1 piece
5, Heating Device: 2 pieces 6KW
c. Automatic activator spraying machine 1, size: L1200 * W600 * H1200mm.
2, Material: machine holder 100 * 100mm square steel tube, full process stoving varnish.
3, L700mm stroke 1set 4, MITSUBISHI stepper motors 2 set
5, Imported low pressure high fogging automatic spray gun: 1 piece, height adjusted
6, pressure pot: 5 galon 1 set. d.Dipping Parts (round version)
7, size: L6000 * W800 * H800mm. 2, Material: body frame 100 * 100mm steel plate 3
8 HP inverter WTD - automatic water transfer printing machine

high-quality manufactured basic equipment

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